Fulvic Lyme like symptoms

Lyme like symptoms

After infection many Lyme Disease patients lose the ability to detox heavy metals and their body becomes toxic. Fulvic Acid removes many toxic heavy metals.


Metal-dependent gene regulation in the causative agent of Lyme disease

The importance of the trace element Mn2+ Manganese is a transition metal with a molar mass of 54.94g/mol. Manganese is considered critical for human health, and plays important roles in development, metabolism, and the antioxidant system.



Senate Inquiry Submission

Discusses the lack of supplements in Australia (restore, methylation, humic and fulvic acid products possibly lots of others compound products etc).

Senate Inquiry Submission in Australia into Lyme Disease


Supportive therapy in the patient with Lyme disease

All patients with Lyme disease need supportive therapies . An overview.